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The Global and National Security Department is a powerful scientific and pedagogical team within the Educational and Scientific Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, which unites highly qualified specialists who can ensure the required quality of education at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The staff of the department consists of 9 members, including 4 professors and 5 associate professors.
The department is a team of highly educated professionals who are able to adequately respond to challenges and threats to national security of Ukraine in modern state formation conditions, and thus quickly adapt to the challenges of training competent professionals for public administration system. Given the above, the activities of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department are aimed to systematic analysis of complex problems in the field of global and national security and implementation of its results in the educational process in training specialists for public administration and civil service.
The activity of the department staff has been highly praised at the state and international levels, its research and teaching staff have received awards from public authorities.

History of the Department and plans for the future

Personalities who worked at the Department

Educational and research programs
In the 2020-2021 academic year, the department provided teaching of the disciplines provided by the educational and professional program "Public Administration".
 Among them: "Globalization and National Security Policy" (mandatory component of the educational program) and the discipline of elective components (specialization: "Public Administration in the field of national security" and specialization: "European integration"). Among the elective courses: "Strategic Management in the field of national security"; "Methods of responding to threats to national security"; "Information security mechanisms"; "Mechanisms for ensuring social and humanitarian security"; "Basics of European Integration"; "EU legal and institutional system"; "Mechanisms for managing and administering EU policies"; "Organization of Ukraine's Cooperation with the EU".

Educational and methodical work
For the last five years the teaching staff of the department has prepared: textbooks - 2, educational and teaching manuals, dictionaries-reference - 5. At the same time, the content of working curricula is constantly updated (9 in total). Significant role in this provision belongs to scientific publications in scientific journals, which were published during specified period about 100 and the annual scientific-practical seminar "Challenges and threats to security in Ukraine in the XXI century: problems and solutions", which discussed, as a rule, topical issues of theory and practice of public administration in the field of national security. 

Scientific Research
The department constantly conducts research on current issues of public administration and administration in the field of national security. Thus, over the past five years, teaching staff, doctoral students and graduate students of the department have performed the following research: "Methodology of strategic planning in the face of global threats to national security and international stability" (2016-2017); “Russian aggression against Ukraine: state-administrative aspects of counteraction in a hybrid war” (2018); "Ukraine's accession to the European and Euro-Atlantic Area as a guarantee of national security" (2019-2021).
During the same period, the department conducted a number of studies, which resulted in the defense of 28 dissertations for the degrees of Doctor of Science (4) and Candidate of Science in Public Administration (24).
At present, 2 doctoral students and 32 postgraduate students are conducting dissertation research at the department.

Project and international activities
The department takes an active part in project and international activities. In 2013-2016 - the project "Increasing the popularity and attractiveness of European studies in Ukraine" was implemented under the grant agreement ¹40 2013-4015 / 001-001 concluded between the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine and the European Commission represented by the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture. Based on the results of the project, a working curriculum of the discipline "European Integration and International Cooperation" was developed, a number of international conferences and round tables were held, a monograph and a textbook were prepared and published.
The teaching staff and graduate students of the department are also actively involved in projects related to European integration and national security, in particular, the project Association4U, which supports the formation and strengthening of public administration in Ukraine to develop and implement key reforms under the Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, as well as in the individual grant programs "Jean Monnet Module".
At present, the department has joined the national competition "Science for the Security of Man and Society" with the theme "Infodemia in a Pandemic: Challenges and Threats".

Based on the signed Memorandum of Cooperation, the Department cooperates with the International Center for Defense and Security (ICDS) (Estonia, Tallinn), which is a leading think tank not only in Estonia but also in all Baltic countries specializing in defense, security and foreign policy.


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