National Academy for Public Administration
under the President of Ukraine


The long-awaited event! The Educational and Scientific Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service became the winner of the grant competition under the EU Erasmus+ Program in Jean Monnet Actions.

Congratulations to the lecturers of the Department of Global and National Security, under the professional guidance of the Head of the Department Hryhorii Sytnyk, Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor; Yevhenii Taran, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor; Tetiana Palamarchuk, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor; Halyna Zavoritnia, Candidate of Political Science, who in the already difficult time of war found the strength to submit an innovative project, thinking about the future restoration of the country after Victory!

Within the framework of the implementation of the European project, the department offers to search for answers to modern challenges to global, regional and national security: "Update of threats to European security: the impact of the russian-Ukrainian war".

The teachers were inspired by their students, many of whom, with weapons in their hands, ensured a peaceful sky above their heads and allowed them to do science!

Now we have a high responsibility for the quality of the results of the projects to our brave defenders, to whom we owe the opportunity to implement innovative projects so that our education continues the unceasing path of development to serve Ukraine!

Let's keep the educational front!

Together to Victory!